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R33 GTS turbo 1996


hello fellow race fans

im selling my project car that i saved from a scrap yard, if u love cars like me ull apreciate and maybe buy lol

it is as titled in silver bout 70k on clock

first of all the list of things if done to it
changed all the wishbone arms
changed the front rods and bushes
new front pads
changed rear sub frame
full engine service
full car service

bad points are i ran out of money and just lost my job to a back injury
now the car lol
dents, one on the right hand rear quarter no biggie
left hand side rear quater at bottom near arch which can be covered with spats
some slight scuff marks as u would expect
could do with new set of alloys and front tyres
and if ur a perfectionist a front bumper cause not in perfect condition

now good points
perfect engine sounds beautifull(2 skyline owners said sounds best they heared)
no rust in engine bay at all
the normal huge stainless steal exust
nismo gear knob
turbo timer
cd/md player
all speakers been updated to pioneers
bilisten shocks

the car rocks just ran out of money, im sure ive left stuff out so just ask im open to offers on my baby but dont take the u know what and im based in essex oh still got mot till like march and needs tax

look foward to hearing from u
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