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We received our new Skyline :squintdan

Detailed Car Overview
r34 face, bumper,lights,bonnet ,wings etc
This car was auto but is now manual
Nismo LSD
orc clutch twin plate
17 wheels
Aero Radiator
GT turbine
coilover Suspension
Adjestable tie rods
Blitz Boost controler
blitz Inter cooler,
trust Oil cooler
Titan exhaust
big down pipe
z32 air flow meter
re mapped ecu

Through the Night
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Oh dear ,I think it looks very bad .May look better with a differant kit on it that one looks horrible ,decals over the wheel arches look bad too ,looks like it is dirty there I would remove them . Sorry dont like it .

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uras rocks.

congrats with the car!
wheels are crap though as mentioned lol. i do think it could go a bit lower, and personally i think nissan made the R33 gtst a bit to small in width...

oh well its still a great car!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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