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My first post here, short intro I own a Skyline V35 350GT-8 with a VQ35DE engine with about 160k miles on it.
Last year I've done some repairs that were necessary, went through all the trouble to make a custom stainless exhaust and some other mods. After a few thousand miles long distance driving, I noticed the oil indicator come up when cornering heavily. When I checked the oil level I was missing almost 2 litres! Which surprised me a lot!
Anyway identified the problem down to PCV as well as valve seals so I started tearing down the engine to sort out the problems. Now me being curious, I wanted to see what condition the engine is. My opinion is, not too bad. But there is wear and I wanted to ask some of you that built many engines on your opinion.

So let's start with the conrod bearings, I'll upload only two as all of them have the same wear pattern and scoring:
20210505_184837.jpg 20210505_184840.jpg

To me they would look fine if it weren't for the dirt that caused the scoring, opinions?

The cylinder bores look okay-ish but there are a few scratches along the length with few of them that can be felt when running my fingernail over them:

Not entirely sure honing can sort it out, but it might.

Now I am not looking into saving this engine by all means, when I can get a low mileage one but wanted to hear what some experienced builders might say about this.
Secretly I await bad news so I can order a V8 馃槅


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I would鈥檔t bother personally, I鈥檇 just find a used low mileage lump and drop it straight in.馃槉

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Yeah, that's what I kind of thought. Going to go ahead and get a low mileage VK45DE and squeeze it in there, if I am going through the trouble of changing an engine might as well make it worth my while:)
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