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I am interested in buying a Skyline probably in the £12000- £18000 range and would prefer an unmodified car with leather uphostery.

I currently drive one of the last ZX 300 Twin Turbos (Targa)
which I like a lot - its my second one - and would consider a swop + cash deal . The ZX is fast enough -300bhp plus smooth and comfortable but for some reason I want to spend 12 months or so at the other end of the scale - I bought a Honda S2000 for that type of fun but apart from the engine it was not a patch on the ZX especially in the performance leafue .

Anyway its gone now and I cant say why ,perhaps its the Nissan experience with the ZX but I would like a Skyline .

I am more of a driver than a mechanic so feel a bit out of my depth with all you petrol, heads so any help any guidance as to models age price etc would be gratefully appreciated.
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