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(Doors back to normal now)

Picked her up at GT-ART a week ago. :smokin:

Technical specification:

JUN 2.7 Strokerkit built, tuned and mapped by GT-ART
• JUN billet full counterweight crankshaft, black coated
• JUN/Cosworth super forged aluminium pistons
• JUN super connecting rods double shot pining
• JUN oil pump
• TRUST big capacity oil sump
• NGK Iridium sparkplugs
• Compression ratio:
• Bore x Stroke: 87.0mm x 75.7mm
• Engine displacement: 2700cc

HKS Special turbokit (Oil & watercooled)
• HKS T51R KAI BB turbocharger
• HKS top mounted tubular manifold
• HKS GT external wastegate
• HKS Downpipe

Aquamist water/methanol injection: 6 x Directport and dutycycle injected
(Fitted after running in engine & turbo)

Gearbox: Stock; undecided yet which brand 6-speed sequential (any suggestion?)
GT-ART ported and polished headwork
GT-ART blueprinted engine (flywheel, pulleys etc.)
GT-ART dual pipe fuel system
GT-ART fuel swirlpot
GT-ART special big capacity aluminium radiator
JUN Surge tank (Intake Plenum)
NISMO Single Throttle Body
GT-ART Custom made fuels delivery parts
JUN/GT-ART camshafts: ---undisclosed specs ---
JUN racing valve springs
JUN Titanium valve retainers
JUN race valve guides
JUN big capacity oil pump
TRUST big capacity oil sump
TRUST monster intercooler

HKS fuel rail 11mm
HKS 6 x 1000cc fuel injectors
HKS in-tank fuel pump
HKS 1.2mm “drag” steel head gasket
HKS oil cooler
HKS ATI crank superdamper kit
HKS complete engine pulley kit
HKS Hiper Silence Exhaust
HKS F-con V pro ECU, MAP sensors
HKS EGT gauge
HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier with uprated coils
BLITZ dual boostcontroler
BLITZ 2x SSQV blowoff valves
TOMEI adjustable aluminium cam pulleys
NISMO N1 water pump
NISMO engine bearings
NISMO Shortshifter
HKS ETC Torque Split Controler (to be fitted yet)
BOSCH 044 external fuel pumps x2
ATS Triple plate steel enforced carbon fibre clutch 1000Bhp+
AEM wideband lambda gauge
STACK water/oil/temp/pressure sensors

• AP Racing 6-pot Big Brake kit
• FERRODO DS2500 brakepads
• CUSCO swingarms
• TEIN racing coilovers
• BLITZ Technospeed Z1 19” 10.5J rims
• GTR strutbars front and rear
• BRIDGESTONE Potenza S03 265 19” tyres
• NISMO Bodykit with carbon fibre adjustable twin blade rear wing
• HID XENON headlights

HKS Kansai towerbar is to be fitted yet.

• STACK 8130 digital racing dashboard white face/bluelit and 11K rpm
• STACK carbon fibre dashpanel
• KENWOOD touchscreen radio/dvd/SATNAV system
• TRUST gearknob
• Clifford Avantguard 5 alarmsystem

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Looks really great, the car and the engine . . .how' is it running?

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Just running in 1000miles now. The engine is solid and rev happy. Besides a faulty fuse, which was easily replaced, I have not encountered any engine problem. No misfires, everyhing smooth.:squintdan There is a beast inside that wants to get out hehehehe. :smokin:

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looks awesome.

Love the Blitz Technospeeds, too.:clap:

The spec is quite impressive to say the least. Still undecided about your gearbox? Why not go with the HKS unit or a Hollinger unit?

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The spec is quite impressive to say the least. Still undecided about your gearbox? Why not go with the HKS unit or a Hollinger unit?
HKS is not in picture as it is now. Don't really like the thought of having to send my gearbox to Japan for maintenance.
I have followed and re-read all the threads here about seq. gearboxes, but it seems to me that the choices of the gearboxes made are 'tuner-depended' LOL.

Hollinger, OS Giken and TRUST (straight cut) are options to choose from I think.

Thanks for advising guys...


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very nice car henk. you dont happen to live close to zandvoort do you? (im from there, lived there close to 13 years!)

glad the doors are back to normal now:)

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absolutley amazing....:bowdown1: :bowdown1: you drag or circuit her?..

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