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My current central number plate [xxxxxxx] obscures the top front bumper four inch Nismo twin air vents about 1 to 2 inches each side [R32-GTR],

can I:-

[#1] cut the white edges off so just the letters/numbers are visible..?

[#2] have a smaller number plate made that does not obscure the vents, at the cost of reducing the size of the number/lettering size ?

[#3] refit current standard size number plate on lowest part of front bumper, below the centre start of the large intercooler air vent ?

[#4] Or have the number plate 'painted on' or a 'plate sticker' , in the same place as [#3] above.( have seen some mazda mx5's do this on the bonnet...)

I ask, as i hear number plates for imports can be less restricted/regulated than uk ones according to DVLA?

lastly ! - will any of the above get me pulled over constantly by the, :rolleyes: , pc plod's ?!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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