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Hey guys. Well it seems I have to upgrade from my current 3" Kakimoto exhaust on my GTR33. Initially I planned on keeping it, however it appears there are holes in the piping as well as serious rusting. So I am going to get my shop to custom fab me some exhaust piping.

I am going with the Greddy Front Extension Pipe as my down pipe. So all my shop needs to do is essentially the cat back portion. We are probably going to run 3.5-4" exhaust depending on what size can/muffler I can find. 3.75in/92.25mm would be ideal however.

Anyway, I didn’t know what Can/Muffler to buy so I figure I would come on here and ask you guys what you thought? I am looking for something that has a nice deep rumble sound to it, and is also relatively free flowing. I dont want it to be loud as a rice ass Honda, however I dont want it to be quiet either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for something that balances both performance and sound. As I said above, Ideally I would like a 3.75in/92.25mm exhaust, so I need a can/muffler to match. Thanks a lot guys.

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