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My gearbox started to act a bit strange lately on my MY09 and I assumed that my solenoids are getting dirty and that it was a matter of time when I will get stuck with just odd/even gears...
I had my solenoids and magnets cleaned (I am near 50.000 km now) and replaced the transmission fluid with Willall WR35TM.
The result is amazing - it is a new gearbox! :clap: I forgot that this gearbox is so fast...:runaway:
N to 1st or Reverse is smooth as butter and gear change while driving is significantly faster...
I know that this improvements are not due to gear learning cause I have done it with my AP several times when my problems started and it had no influence on this performance...
I just actually wanted to give the advice - don't wait till your gearbox gets stuck, do this solenoid cleaning on every gearbox oil change...
And special thanx to vex_sb from this forum, for the way he takes care of all the GTRs in Croatia :)
Guys from the region, if you want good service, come to Slavonski Brod and give your car to Vedran :)
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