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Ok people look I'm quite desperate since yesterday ... My importer let me down and I will never get the R33 I was waiting for... We agreed that I'll get a full refund + some more cash to ease my pain!

But the problem gets nasty here: this compagny was the only one I found that assured me registration of the car in Luxembourg back in the day... That's why I gave those guys my choice. And now what? Nothing, I'm foocked... :mad:
Beeing a French guy here I don't know shit about the way it works to register an import car and doing this on my own is simply not possible for me.

So my question will be simple: is there a REAL professionnal on this board that can get me a R33 GT-R and that could help me out to get it registered. Money available for this would be around 35000€ which means around 23000 Pounds all inclusive (car, VAT, € Union import taxes, paperwork, etc...). Normally I'll have it all back in a few weeks. For the moment, I could give you a little something as a first payment, no problem.
You can't let me down: funniest things are that I already have my private license plates at home (RB2633... :smokin: ) & even real insurance I paid 800€ for!!! Told ya I was foocked, lol...

So is there someone to handle the job or do I have to buy myself a house??? :D

I'm SERIOUS about this, no joke! You know I test drived the damn thing a few monthes back and it hit me so hard that I still have the mark on my pants, looooool. I still WAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNT one despite the fact that right now I'm half dead!!!

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