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Im looking for £200

The Sony H50 bridge camera offers high speed shooting with a fast shutter speed and continuous burst of up to 100 shots. The 9 million pixel model continues Sony's association with Carl Zeiss, featuring a 31-465mm f/2.7-4.5 Vario-Tessar lens (35mm equivalent). Of course being Sony, it is also packed with the latest advanced technology.

The most obvious of these is the large 3-inch LCD monitor set on a tilting hinge to allow waist level or overhead shooting. For those that prefer eye-level shooting the camera also features an electronic viewfinder (EVF). The camera's autofocus system uses a 9-point flexible spot system with single and continuous focus modes. Sony has also included face detection and smile detection, which fires the shutter when the camera recognises the curve of the mouth.

There's also Sony's Night Spot mode offering black and white photography in pitch black conditions, a lá Big Brother. Macro focusing is possible down to 1cm at the wide end of the lens.

The H50 offers a full complement of shooting modes, including Manual, Shutter and Aperture Priority AE and Program AE, as well as an ‘Easy' mode and a set of scene modes. These cover the usual set of common photographic subjects such as Landscapes, portraits and action, as well as subject such as beach, snow, twilight and fireworks.

The camera offers a fast shutter speed of up to 1/4000sec, matching that of most entry level Digital SLRs. This combined with the burst speed of approximately 1.5 frames per second at highest resolution over 100 shots makes the camera an attractive proposition to those looking for a sports or wildlife camera.

On top of that the cameras highest ISO setting of 3200 allows low-light shooting, fast shutter speeds in brighter light or with the lens at full extension. As is common with most Sony cameras these days, the H50 also has Super Steady Shot optical image stabilisation to counteract the effects of camera shake.

For a list of all the features please CLICK HERE

This camera is for those who like to have more control over there camera but dont have the money to spend on a fully blown SLR. Ive only had the camersa a week and loved it but ive been given a DSC-HX1 as a present.
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