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Hi all,

More new toy's :smokin:

Nenette Car Dusters

Multi functional dust removers made from 100% cotton.
Chemically treated and are very effective at removing light surface dust from your car.
Very quick and easy to use on all types of bodywork, trim and interior picking dust up effortlessly.
Ideal for the show go-er and if cars have been sitting for a while yet certainly don't require a wash.

Been using one of these on the skyline where it's been sitting in the garage all winter. Work well and saves getting the car out the garage just to clean it while the weathers so bad.

SP Procar Duster - £9.99

SP Mini Car Duster - £3.99

SP Interior/Exterior Duster - £5.99

As usual, GTROC discount applies to these products: 10% by cheque, and 6.5% by Paypal (acct addy: [email protected] ). Free postage applies as usual too!

Give me a shout if any questions :smokin:

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