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Hi all,

For a limited time Serious Performance are offering this awesome Ultra Microfibre Towel Set :cool:.

Without a doubt these Microfibre Fleece style towels are among the softest, and probably the biggest Towels on the market!

The towel set includes four towels:

Extra Large Drying Towel: 30"x68" / 76x172cm (!!!)
Large Drying Towel: 26"x48" / 66x122cm
Detailing Towel: 16"x24" / 40x60cm
Handy Towel: 12"x12" / 30x30cm

Serious Performance Ultra Luxury MF Towel Set - Blue - £36.95

Serious Performance Ultra Luxury MF Towel Set - Pastel Green - £36.95

The perfect Christmas present for a car as big as the Skyline & GTR???? :thumbsup:

Alex :).
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