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Selling my car as I dont get a chance to drive it and it so needs to be driven! :(

I bought this car last year of Bazza (Buyers Guide Creator), so the car is in top nick with no expense spared. All previous owners can be traced on this site!

The "Monte" is a Ralliart tuned Evo VI Tommi Makinen RS that produces a healthy 320bhp. Modifications include a Ralliart ECU, ARP conrod bolts, HKS exhaust system and HKS air filter. The front seats are changed to a pair of Recaro Black Recliners and the normal TME badging is changed to "Monte Carlo". Only 5 of these models were produced and to date, remain one of the rarest Evos around.
Ralliart UK intended to make 12 Monte Carlo's but only managed 5!

I have put new tyres on it, and it will be serviced in the near future (I dont drive it as much as I would like to so it isnt due for a service yet).

You have more chances of winning the lottery than you have of find this car for sale. Only 5 were produced by Ralliart UK and this is number 3 of that 5

I have loads of reciepts and paper work and the car is fully documented.

I am the 4th owner of this vehicle.
The car has covered 35,300 miles as of 14th Jan
The car has full service history and has had the Mitsubishi recall for rear upper suspension arms in December 2005.

1 months MOT
2 months Tax

Standard 4G63 engine running Autronic management mapped by Mr Autronics himself, Mark Shead.

Other engine work:

Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust
Decat Pipe
Evo VIII Wastegate Actuator
HKS Super Power Flow filter
Uprated Turbo elbow and downpipe
Walbro Fuel Pump
RC Developments hardpipe kit
RSE Blue Rocker Cover
Samco Coolant Hoses
Samco Induction Hose
Samco Turbo hoses
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Autronic ECU. Mapped by Mark Shead
Anti Lag System
Spec R Group A Dump Valve

All parts fitted by either:
Norris Designs
AMS Station Garage Arnside
RC Developments
MA Developments

Other parts fitted include:
Cat 1 Cobra Alarm
Kenwood CD Player & Speakers all round
Ralliart boost gauge
Ralliart Floor mats
Ralliart Mud flaps
Carbon Slam Panel
18" Speedline Turinis
Toyo Proxes T1-R all round
Braided brake lines
Ralliart Strut Braces front and rear

Bad points:

Car has a small pin dent on driverside wing
Brake pads may need changing soon
Your wife will leave you :chuckle:

Car produced 358lb/ft of torque and 348bhp at WRC Tech running 1.5 bar (Graph to prove!)

£17,000 ono (Offers being accepted)
[email protected]
07951 960 680

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Whoever has the cash to buy this, and passes this up should be shot in the head exactly 12 times, stepped on 8 times, rolled over, and buried by the undertaker.

This is the car of the century, and certainly a great deal what with it's condition and it's books.

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Forgot to mention it is a UK car, registered and sold by Xtreme in Dudley.
Only 5 in the UK and a worthy future investment.

More pics can be emailed if requested.

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Up for another week, as stated the car will come with a Fresh 12 Month MOT and 6 Months roads tax, and it's as rare as rocking horse s**t!

lol :)

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Car had new brake pads all round, new wipers and a new 12 month MOT as of yersterday!

Come on guys, you know you wanna...????

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I used to think I liked EVO 6 RS's till I saw your car

:bowdown1: :bowdown1: :squintdan
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