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Some nice GTR magazines I bought today,
Prices include postage Europe, all are Yen: 5,000

1988 GTR Magazine 0-400m special
Top Secret DragR (Tims)
Garage Saurus R33 920ps
Duke R32 GTR 973ps
Bee Racing 763ps and many others
Pikes peak R33 GTR entry

1998 GTR magazine RH9 club
Top Fuel R33 900ps
Endless R32 950ps
Feast R32 1100ps
west kamakazi gtr 1050ps
Esprit R33 920ps
Tomei R33 900ps
Veilside R1 1177ps
HKS R33 Drag GTR

2002 Club Skyline magazine
Nismo Festival at Fisco
Top Secret Dyno day
HKS drag meeting (6pages)
HCR32 650hp (Rb20-Rb24 -9.883sec)
Turbo Tuning +

2002 Club Skyline Magazine
How to build a 1000hp GTR engine with garage Mori (4 engine build up pages)
GTR on dyno making 1013ps using T88
Nurburgring Falken R34 GTR
Xanavi and Calsonic GTRs
Phoenix power R34 GTR
Drag racing 4 pages
Drifting skylines

2003 I love R32 Skyline GTR magazine
Images and brochure photos, all models data
Technical pictures and graphs of HICAS etc
Calsonic R32 GTR including Engine and in car shots
Nismo Skyline GTR N1
Nismo R tune
Data and maintenance

2003 Club Skyline Magazine
Veilside R1 R32 GTR drag battle USA (1360hp)
HKS 0-400m challange (over 20 GTRs and 6 pages)
Tsukuba super battle
Drifting with skylines
JGTC skylines

2003 GTR owners collection II + Calander (gtr photos)
Grp A Racing
Shop and customer cars:
Duke Grp (Tims cars there)
Fujimura auto
Super Private
Quarter mile SPL
Bee Racing
Zele International and Andy Middlehurst.

2004 Club Skyline Magazine
ATTRD 3.3ltr 800ps R34 GTR
Okada HR32
Super Autobacs HCR33
Auto Select RB30 R33 GTR
KPGC110 + PGC10
Speed Style ARK HCR32
HKS Kansai R34 GTR 2.8ltr
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