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To celebrate the start of spring and the roads drying out, we are happy to release special offers for the supply, fit, alignment, cornerweight and setup of the KW Automotive Variant 3/Clubsport coilover systems for the R35 GTR, Porsche 911/Cayman/Boxster, BMW M-series and Mercedes-Benz AMG platforms. If your car isn't listed below please contact us! 01925830889 or [email protected]

A lot of people consider adjustable coilovers 'too much' this is mainly based on experience of lower end or poorly setup systems which are too hard, crashy and have awful rebound control. A properly set up, correctly specced and highly advanced damper will provide a world of a different experience!

We are great advocates of chassis tuning and it is an area sometimes overlooked with how easy the power tuning is with an R35. The stock setup has to be an all rounder, it has to cater for everyone in every circumstance on every road, it must work well on track and also not rattle your grandmother's dentures out on the way to Sainsburys, it must be excellent but cost effective to manufacture... Thus will always be a compromise.

Please don't think you'll be constantly having to roll around the floor adjusting things! After an initial test drive and setup by us, you will most likely only have to change settings if you change to tyres with differing grip characteristics or want to dial in specific settings for a wet track day for instance. We will happily help and advise on this as it's very easy to make a great suspension set behave very poorly and look quite bad with the wrong settings!


With the KW coilovers Variant 3 inox-line you will get much more than just a sporty lowering and excellent driving behaviour on all roads. It is based on their long experience as a suspension manufacturer and supplier for international motor sport, such as the touring car series ADAC GT Masters, FIA GT1, FIA GT3, International GT Open, WTC, VLN and the legendary ADAC Zurich 24h-race Nürburgring.


Similar to their racing coilovers from the KW Competition program, the KW coilovers Variant 3 inox-line can be adjusted independently in compression and rebound damping. The low speed compression adjustability will provide precise body control while the while the factory set variable rate high speed damping will deal with bigger hits. The adjustable rebound damping will provide precise control of your wet/dry grip levels and dial out under/oversteer to your tastes and needs.

From KW themselves:

"The patented KW-valve technology for separate adjustment of rebound and compression damping allows you to individually setup your suspension.The adjustable KW bottom valve adjusts the low-speed range of the compression level in twelve clicks.

You dont need any adjusting tools because of the patented compression adjuster at the lower end of the stainless steel housing. The adjustable compression damping with its twelve exact clicks allows you to manually influence body roll, without having to change the spring rate which optimally matches the rebound.

With the individually adjustable rebound setup of the KW coilover Variant 3 inox-line , you can directly influence the handling and comfort with its precise click adjustment. Depending on the vehicle type, the rebound valves of the KW twin-tube dampers on the upper end of the piston rod will be adjusted via an integrated adjustment wheel or a twist-adjustment wheel which is included in the delivery content.

By increasing the rebound force via the adjustment wheel body movements are reduced. You will have more stability during high speed cornering. If you change for example the wheel / tire combination (approved by the car manufacturer) to larger wheels, then with a KW coilover Variant 3 inox-line you will be able to adjust the car's handling perfectly."

"The KW coilover Variant 3 inox-line kit and every single damper are subject to extensive quality tests during production to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. This is the only way we can meet our expectations to give up to five years warranty on our KW coilover Variant 3 inox-line when installed at one of our KW specialist dealer. KW coilover struts made of stainless steel are 100% rust-free and an unlimited life time.

Therefore the operation of the continuous lowering via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoid thread and the KW composite collar is also not affected after years. By the individual lowering with its continuous adjustment range, you can emphasize the sportiness of your vehicle visually. A feature that is very popular in the performance-oriented tuning scene.

- Rebound and compression damping adjustable damper technology
- Stainless steel technology inox-line
- Individual, continuous lowering
- TÜV-tested adjustment range
- High quality components for a long life
- Complete documentation for an easy handling
- Adjustable rebound damping with 16 exact clicks
- Adjustable compression damping with 12 exact clicks
- Unique, independent from each other working damping force adjustment


The KW coilover kit Variant 3 inox-line is the perfect accessory for performance-oriented drivers and tuning enthusiasts who put a great demand on their suspension. The separately rebound and compression damping adjustable dampers with their well-thought-through click adjustment allow a perfect setup. So it is easy to influence the steering behaviour, directional stability, tire grip and handling characteristics when driving on the limit."

Price for the supply of KW Variant3 coilover system, fitting, alignment and corner weighting of a Nissan R35 GTR - £3250 Inc VAT!
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