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Afternoon ladies and gents.

I'm selling my S13. It's burgundy and has an S14 SR20DET swapped in, but is standard apart from that, although it does have a Walbro 255 fuel pump and an HKS metal air filter for fantastic 'pigeon' noises :p . It would also come with all the bits for the five stud swap minus redrilled rear discs, rear pads and wheels.

The shell is in excellent condition for a UK S13, with only very minor and easily repairable areas of rust on the front turrets. The boot has been despoilered and is perfect, as is the spare wheel well and the underside of the body. Anyone after more info can PM me or e-mail me on [email protected]

I have lots of info, including pics of the car from every conceivable angle (including the underside) and even a couple of vids that I can e-mail to anyone interested. I'm based in Glasgow, but I'd be happy to provide as much information by phone and e-mail as possible to any potential buyers from any corner of the country.

The car would make a perfect 'blank canvas' for anyone wanting to build a decent drift or track toy. A good seat, a set of coilovers, an FMIC and an exhaust and basically you'd be good to go :) Personally I reckon it would look awesome lowered with a set of R33GTR wheels on it... :chuckle:

I'm after £2k, which I've been told is way too cheap for the condition the car is in, but I'm in a hurry as there's an SWB 300ZX with my name on it :cool:

Some pics (many more available):

Anyway, I'll bother you no further :) Anyone interested knows where to reach me :wavey:

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