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It's a Tim Radley Race developments foged bottom end

Standard heads with valve springs. Not sure if stock camd

Running GT30 turbos. Switzer spec maybe or one of the yanks. Can't quite remember.

He runs flex fuel ethanol. That run was about E80 or something like that.

Linney tuned on Ecutek

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Bloody good power for gt30s gotta be bigger than 71s for that power
I think that's knocking on the door of gt35 power ain't it ?

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Does anyone know spec of JP new car ?

Built and maintained by SRD tuning

Engine Specifications:
Built engine by Race Developments from new block
MY16 Heads
Carillo Rods
CP pistons with heavy duty pins
Balanced and super finished crank
New bearings
New timing kit
All new gaskets and seals
Kelford valve springs
Engine painted crinkle black
Titanium dressing bolts
Jun oil cap

Turbocharger & Induction:
Switzer/Garrett GT3082R turbos
Stainless Tial Housing
Switzer R1K Cast Stainless Manifolds
Switzer R1K Stainless Downpipes
HKS 12 injector intake manifold
Tail external Wastegates
Boostlogic Engine breather kit
DEI turbo blankets and heat wrap
Turbosmart BOV’s

Pro Race 80mm intake kit
Pro Race “ultimate spec” race intercooler
Koyo alley radiator
Alley header tank
Forge silicon hose kit

Fuel, Tuning & ELectronics:
ECUTEK System Tunned by Ben Linney
ECUTEK Bluetooth module
6 x Injector Dynamics ID1700X injectors
6 x Oem Injectors
AMS Omega Brushless Twin fuel pump System
ASNU fuel rail kit
Secondary HKS top fuel rail kit
Zetronics flex fuel kit
4 bar map sensor
NGK 9’s
Top secret pop up bonnet canceller

102mm Boostlogic Quadzilla

Albins 1-6 gear kit
Albins Drop gears
Extreme clips
Extreme billet seals/pistons
Linney Billet baskets
T-800 linney 16 plate clutch
MY17 bell housing upgrade
T1 gearbox upper and lower braces
Litchfield Billet Sump

Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
ARP wheel studs
Rays Volk TE37 ultra 10x20 et25 & 12x20 et20
HKS hypermax SP coilovers
Linney Discs and Porterfield pads
SRD braided lines
4SRC Brake stopper

Interior & ICE:
Recaro CS Seats custom trimmed
Seat airbag canceller kit
4SRC Carbon Matt steering wheel
4SRC Carbon Matt gearknob
Matt Carbon wheel trim
Full Carbon trim kit

MY17 Headlights
MY17 Tail lights
Top Secret MY17 style Front bumper and splitter
Top Secret MY17 style carbon bonnet
JCR Revozport Carbon boot
JCR Revozport Carbon wing
Dude diffuser setup
KR Carbon side skirts
KR Carbon side vents and trim
KR Carbon 3 part cooling panel
KR Carbon rear spats
4SRC Titainium undertray bolt kit

970 WHP at 2 bar on pump fuel
1181WHP at 2.6 bar Ethanol

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Not really, my GT3584RS were built to do 1500 whp
No doubt with bigger housings etc can flow more power but there's plenty of gt35 gtrs out there at similar power to jps car, mine in previous spec was I believe gt35s around same hp as JP !

1300 hp is strong power for 2 gt30s 650 hp a piece, as said that's gt35 territory imo
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