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I have just recently purchased a set of R33 N1 turbos and its propted me to move everything onto stage 2 tune.

At the moment i have the follwing ( engine tuning parts )-
Apexi PFC and Commander
HKS Priest exhaust
HKS front pipes
HKS plugs
Nismo FPR
Profec BII boost controller
HKS filters
Splitfire coil packs

I have just purchased the 33 N1 turbos and wondered what i now need for Stage 2-

my thoughts are-
Turbo elbow`s--but which ones to go for?
Injectors--what size and what make?
Fuel pump-Is a Walbro 255l ok to use?
Airflow meters-which ones with normal sized pipework?
Cams--Thinking of Tomei 260-252 or 260-260 both 9.15 lift--which suits the car better
Do i need an uprated head gasket running 1.2-1.3 bar

Do i need all of the above or can i delete items from the list.I will get an oilcooler as soon as possible. I dont have an uprated intercooler but do i need hard pipes for the intercooler at this level of tune..

Lastly what BHP/torque can i expect running above at 1.2-1.3 bar ( Fly, hub or wheel figures helpful but state when answering)

I know its allot of questions, if you cant answer them all then try and answer at least 1 to help me out.

Car is an R33 GTR, big brakes, coilover suspension etc, so should be ok with just engine mods for now..I dont do 1/4 mile or track days with the car. The clutch is a new genuine Nissan item covered 4000 miles from new but as i said the car doesnt get any hard use or launches.

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A little different as I have R34 N1s, but I have essentially the set-up that you are describing in total. My cams are 264, I think. Still on stock head gasket. HKS elbows, 600cc injectors, fuel pump is uprated but don't know what, I have binned the AFMs in favour of a DJetro. The old girl chucks out 460bhp & 400lbs/ft @ the hubs @ 7300rpm & 4300rpm respectively. Mapped at 1.2 bar.

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Found out yesterday my turbo`s are also R34 N1`s, so it looks like a very similar set up to yours Moleman.

Im looking at the Tomei turbo elbows
Maybe 600-700cc injectors tat fit the standard rail
AFM`S to me Mines or Nismo
Tomei 260/260 cams
Still unsure what fuel pump to go for--need 1 which is realiable but not too expensive.

Any thoughts on the above or suggestions where to buy..I have bought from Nengun before. Would like alternative suggestins even UK items or 2nd hand if in good condition..

Will all the above running 1.2-1.3 bar net me over 500bhp at the flywheel? ( Thats my target )
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