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Selling myNis san Stagea M35 (PM35) - Autech Axis Edition

2007 series 2 Stagea M35, produced in the last year of production. It's a limited production Autech Axis edition. This is one of 30 cars made in this spec and colour and is the best spec with the VQ35DE engine same as a 350z and in RWD. This is a quick car for a big wagon!

Originally purchased in January this year by myself for myself from Japan with the help of importer It was a grade 3.5 and I have copies of the auction sheet and export certificate which will be going with the car. The car also came with Japanese service history. The car also has two keys.

The car arrived in the UK in April and I was finally given the V5 by the DVLA in July. The car was looked over by Millers Autocare in Epsom who have a lot of experience with imported cars. This was one of the cleanest they have seen. Apart from a stone chip and small scratch the body work is pristine as is the underneath with no rust at all.

Worked carried out on the car includes an MOT, full service including oil, all filters and brake pads. I've also just had all four bearings changed as one was making noise. A full professional interior valet and exterior detail. The car looks amazing and has some serious road presence.

Factory wide body arches
Factory front/rear bumpers (different to a standard Stagea)
Tan leather interior (only available to Autech cars)
Electric front seats
Heated front seats
Reclining rear seats
Dual Zone Climate control
Raizen exhaust back box (rest of the exhaust is original)
Cosworth panel filter (in stock box)
19" Works Gnosis GS2 split rims

I've replaced the factory mini disc player for an android headunit and replaced the stereo surround with a genuine double din unit in wood grain finish. I was very lucky to find this!

Road tax group is PLG meaning that the annual road tax is only £280.

The speedo odo are still currently showing in KMs. Mileage is currently at 165,282km which is 102,701 miles.

Bad bits (nothing that's not fixable)
  • One of the wheels has been kerbed at some point in Japan. Easily rectified with refurb.
  • The dash has a couple of cracks due to exposure to sunlight. Pretty common with Japanese cars. However I purchased a Mooneyes dash cover from Japan to tidy it up. Certainly looks good and gives it a Proper JDM feel.
  • Drivers seat has a small tear on the side with a weird repair. Again was like this when it came from Japan. It's repairable and any competent upholstery professional can repair this.

The only reason I have decided to sell the car is that I had a change in my work circumstances while the car was inbound to the UK means that I no longer need a carr for work as I'm pretty much home based for the foreseeable future. The car will hardly get driven and I would prefer it to be used rather than sit and do nothing.

£9,500 ovno

I have more pics and can send them on whatsapp if your interested in buying the car.

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