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I'm just putting RB25det stagea Neo6 engine to Nissan Patrol Y61.
The engine and engine loom is from auto transmission car and the Ecu is 23740 0V800. I'm not sure is this manual or auto Ecu (probably auto). I have removed unnecessary (I hope) plugs like abs/tcs plug.
I have some problems because I have no proper Ecu pinout (engine diagram) for this Ecu which came with the engine.
Can you help me? Maybe somebody have a proper engine wiring diagram for Stagea WC34 Neo6 and will send me?
I have problem with blue relay.
The connections in my engine loom are different than in skyline R34 diagram. I also have no black relay in the engine loom.
The ecu pin nr 24 (green) - ignition switch (IGN) signal - connects with others - white with green strap which goes to injector - and red which goes to blue relay.
Tell me please - the ecu pin 24 get +12V from Ecu or feed Ecu with +12V from blue relay?
In the blue relay opposite the red wire there is black with pink strap wire which goes to ecu pin 13 (fuel pump relay control signal - ground signal I think).
In this relay there are 2 other wires - black with yellow strap it is +12V volt for the fuel pump (I think) and blue with black trap IGN +12V (I think).
Thanks for any help
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