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Hi guys, I know that this may be pushing the boundaries of cameraderie somewhat but I was wondering if anyone had 1 std(working) 32GTR AFM that I could borrow for a month???????
The story is that my car is running like a bag of bolts and I (along with Abbeys help) have identified the AFM's as being shot. I ordered a couple of new Nismo AFM's which are lying in wait to be fitted and the car mapped. However, I would like to add some bits and bobs to the car and get it mapped in a one'r as I would grudge shelling out for a couple of remaps in the space of a couple of months. So, I plan to get my other goodies in about a fortnight and book the car in to have the bits fitted and mapped. I reckon this should take all of 4 weeks to complete.
Problem is that the car has got progressively worse over the last week to the point where it loses power and cuts out on EVERY trip (and seriously p!ssing me off!!)
So, can anyone spare a std AFM for a short term loan?? I will pay for postage and I promise to shout a beer or two at any meet/event that we are at.

So PLEASE, any good samaritans out there?? Just for the record, I AM an honest, trustworthy bloke and will PROMISE faithfully to send it back to its rightful owner.

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