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Okay guys. I have a slight delimma and wanted to get your opinions.

Currently my car is stock with the exception of a ACT twin carbon clutch, Kakimoto Catback exhaust, and an ECU flash.

I have in my garage at home sitting a few goodies that I was saving for when I got the rest of my stuff necessary for my build. Twin HKS 2530's, a Power FC w/datalogit, a Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller, an EGT, Wideband o2, and boost gauge and a Nismo AFPR.

Well here is my delimma. As I said above I was initially planning on waiting until I had all of my stuff necessary to complete my build and then throwing all of it on at once. However I currently have someone who is trying to buy my stock turbos for a GOOD bit of money (relative of course). This would of course give me MORE money to buy MORE parts for my build.

My question is this. Is it safe/a good idea to go ahead and throw on my Power FC, gauges, boost controller, and run my 2530's with my car in its otherwise close to stock form except for a catback and a clutch? Will this cause any real problems for me? Now of course I dont expect to be able to throw on my 2530's and run 1.6bar or anything. Just a decent amount that can be run safely. Also I would initially just get a decent road tune on my Power FC until I had dont more stuff with my build. I just wanted to ask if this was a decent idea before I did it. This would of course allow me to sell my stockers and make some money. Also I have an AFPR sitting at home as well. Should I throw this on to be a TEMPORARY band aid for the stock pump or injectors? Or just leave it alone till later? I know there is discussion on wither or not you need an AFPR with a build, but a situation like mine seems like the exact reason for an AFPR. To increase the fuel pressure to be a TEMPORARY band aid for stock pump and injectors.

So what do you guys think? Also if it is a fine idea, how much boost can I safely run the 2530's at without blowing my stuff up? Install the AFPR or no? Thanks a lot guys. Sorry if the question seems stupid. Personally I would say go for it as long as you dont turn the boost up too much, however I have heard conflicting things and want to be sure. Thx.

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