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a few questions -

what would be a "healthy" voltage for them to be putting out? One of mine reads at about 1.6V and the other at 1-1.1V...seems they ought to be reading the same?

I'd like to replace mine with fresh units. A Bosch or NSK wideband would be splendid, but I need it to be compatible and readable by my Apexi Power FC. In addition, for some reason, my Apexi Turbo Timer can't display theoretical AFR due to the R32 and certain Silvias using "titanium lambda sensors"....what the bejeezus makes a titanium sensor different?

What are my options for new lambdas? are there any that will get my Turbo Timer to read correctly? Are there optional sensors that will work with the Power FC that offer greater accuracy than the stock units?
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