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I am wondering what are the Brake Bias for all these BIG brake kit.

I have read somewhere that manufacture most of the time have about a 67%-70% front bias, anything less will mean that the rear might get twitchy under hard brakeing and that is NOT fun.

StopTech are KNOWN for their "equal" brake bias, but that is still very well calculated, but I know it is not 50/50.

So the question being, what is the "% of bias" most of these brake kit try to achieve? For example, what is the % of bias for the Stoptech kit, and how does other kit compare to it.

Say the Stoptech 355mm front and rear kit vs the AP F355/R330 brake kit.

What is the standard brake bias for a R32 GTR? R33? R34 N1 (with 322mm rear brake)
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