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Hi Guys :wave:

Following on from the other black GTRs I have had at the unit lately I was very pleased to have a storm white GTR booked in today.

Geoff had booked the car in about 3 weeks ago before even owning it as he had seen my work on the other GTRs I have done and knew that he needed some magic ;)

The car had been collected yesterday from the dealer, driven home and brought straight to Magic towers from Kent this morning with just 104 miles showing on the clock :doublesho

The car was booked in for a single stage machine polish using Menz FF to rid of some very light swirling in areas and to generally add some extra gloss to the paintwork.

Once complete the car received a Zaino AIO base coat, 3 layers of ZFXed Zaino Z2 and all that was topped off with Zaino Z8 :thumb:

The weather was not at its best and showing -1 at times so no wash pics im affraid :mad:

The following pics are the only ones I could get due to the horrid weather outside :wall:

Thank you for looking all comments welcome :thumb:

Take care

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