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wonder if anyone can answer this one:

I got a spare tubby a short while back from a skyline R33 - the previous owner bought it new, fitted it to his gtst, upped the boost to huge levels, destroyed exhaust shaft (twisted straight off)
I took my tubby to RBM when I had the PFC fitted - Rod took a look at the turbo and said that it wasn't a garrett turbo it was an hitachi unit (or something like that). He said they're not as straight forward to turn into a hybrid turbo as the garrett units.
I guess what I wanna know is has anyone else heard of a turbo on a skyline that isn't garrett (besides stuff from aftermarket companies) ...I'm talking standard turbo here. If anyone can provide any info that'd be really cool as it is something I'd like to get fixed up.

failing that I'll crack it open one night and have a peek inside :/

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