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Hey guys just giving everyone a heads up on a new tuning company i got recommended by a pal of mine. There based in wandsworth (south london) which is a blessing as there's no specialists around here. i've always used TR Racing in the past but will definitely give this guys a try. The main guy in there is called Theo who's been in the tuning game for over 10 years. His usual game is Evo's but has been doing skylines for a few years now as well as other jap marques. They've just installed a brand new dyno aswell thats rated to well over 1000bhp. Whilst i was there he was dynoing a 32GTR which made 747bhp....very impressive!!!

All in all there highly recommended and Theo is an absolute gem and very very knowledgeable to boot.

Their number is 0207 622 8953

when you contact them if you could let them know you've been recommended on the forum :bowdown1:

nice one:thumbsup:

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