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Can u send photos in PM? I wanna see that!
In my car Hicas is out, some ppl say car is better to feel even in street use :p
Steering rack is from 200sx s14 so i don't have a choice with Hicas.
Yes, its single with external wastegate 60mm :chuckle: i wanna make for this season about 600 bhp and in next maybe 650-670bhp.

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Now +- 600 BHP and for the next season i buy aftermarket oil pump and try to make safe 650 BHP on stock bottom end :)

If i should something improve/add write me.

*Turbo BorgWarner S300SX 83-75 91. A/R Twin Scroll
*ECU EMU (Bluetooth to Nexus 7 + Boost Controller + AFR + IAT)
*High performance coil pack (blue one)
*Injectors DENSO 800cc
*Fuel pump Aeromotive 340 Stealth
*Water cooler Mishimoto 52mm
*Fans Cosswortch
*Clutch OS Giken Twin Plate
*Connecting Rod Bolt Kit ARP 202-6007

*Coilover Tein MonoFlex 8/7
*Rear strut brace HKS
*Full polyurethane bushing kit

*Air filter AEM 21-3059DK
*FMIC 600x300x76
*Bov Tial 44mm

*Exhaust manifold Twin Scroll
*Exhaust JASMA 3-3.5"
*Westgate Tial 60mm

*Calipers form Cayenne (360x30 IS-F front discs, 350x20 370z rear discs)
*Brake pump BM57
*Brake proportioning valve - Tilton

*Wheels JAPAN RACING JR3 19x10.5j et.22
*Tyres Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/35/19
*Steel wheel nuts - TPI
*Headlights lens LHD
*Colour Jupiter Red from new AMG

*Nexus 7 II in 2 DIN place (gauges and music)
*Steering wheel R34 GT-T
*Short shifter
*Air conditioning
*Cockpit s14&r33
*Alcantara headlining and sun visors + S15 black OEM Light units

*Front speakers - Morel Dotech Ovation 6
*Amplifier - u-Dimension ProX 500.24 AYA
*Speaker cable - Prolink OFC PRO CAV1003
*Signal cable - custom Klotz MY206 + Neutrik Connectors
*Sound deadening (bulkhead, cockpit, floor, roof, rear fenders, doors) - Dynamat SuperLite (over 40 mats) + foam GMS 3mm & 10mm

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Great project

Hello, I was wandering if you could give me a bit of information about the steering rack( what kind is it), as well as did you need to do major moving of fuel , oil or water ways . Well and was the diff in the way and did you lose your 4wd ? Thanks in advance , as i am looking to buy a R33 :D

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Nice progress man!!

But hold on! How did you manage to flipp the headlamp/wipers switch? Or this is another Nissan P/n that fits in the stock steering column? I would love to do that to mine.



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Thanks. By any chance do you know he P/N for that module? I can't find any S14 switch module that contain the rear wiper blade function for LHD.

Also, I see you are doing the driver side controls module fitment just like my firend's R32 GTR, while it does look sharper there, it's more tricky for the driver to operate the switches, either using you left hand/shoulder moved to back or cross your right hand to control them :chuckle:

Mine was fitted different way, I believe is more comfortable but yours look more "furtive" or factory.:bowdown1:
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