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With heavy heart I'm putting my GTR up for sale. I simply don't drive it enough and seem to be unable to stop spending money on it, so I think the only option is for it to go!

History first:
The car came into the UK about 3 years ago via JM Imports from Global Auto in Japan, well known for their quality GTR's. It was delivered to a guy named Gavin (top bloke :thumbsup:) who did the initial sorting of the car - remap, sorted the suspension, service etc. After a year, he decided to sell as he wanted something more track oriented and I bought it and brought it over to the Isle of Man. Since then I've made further changes, tidying up some bits, adding others etc. His original advert is here. Gotta be worth a look, it worked on me :)

The car:
1995 R33 GT-R V-Spec in QM-1 white (chassis number check on FAST agrees with this)

R34 GTR engine block
R34 GTR piston
R34 GTR Conrod
R34 GTR crank shaft
HKS Head metal gasket
HKS Overhaul gasket kit
HKS Stage 1 Camshaft
HKS Slide cam Pulley
HKS GT2530 Twin Turbos
N1 Reinforced actuators
HKS Stainless steel Turbo Extension Pipe
HKS Special brake line kit
HKS Super-power flow x2
FUJITSUBO Full 3.75" system
SARD 600cc Fuel injectors
NISMO Mass fuel pump

TRUST Three layer type Intercooler
HKS Intercooler line kit
TRUST Oil cooler Element movement type
SARD Three layer type all aluminium radiator
HKS High pressure radiator cap

Suspension, brakes & wheels:
Nismo S-Tune coilovers
Tein HR coilovers (removed but included in sale)
AP LOCKHEED Rotor with front slit
ENDLESS Brake pads
AP Stainless mesh brake hose
4 x 18" Work XT7's with Work Metal Bright finish with Falken 452's
4 x 18" R34 GTR Alloys with horrible ditchfinder tyres

HKS GD twin plate clutch

Apexi Power FC ECU with Datalogit (NO hand commander)
HKS EVC3 Boost controller
GReddy Boost and EGT gauges
Thatcham Category 1 alarm/immobiliser
Solar trickle charger

NISMO 320km dials meter with custom mph+kmh dial face
Momo leather steering wheel
Pioneer DEH-P6000UB with iPod connector

JUN side skirts
Nismo rear spats
Nismo Side Repeaters
D-speed front indicators
Carbon fibre spoiler blade
Nismo carbon spoiler end caps
Nismo carbon B pillar trims
GTROC outdoor car cover
I'm also awaiting delivery of an EP Racing carbon JUN Style front splitter. This should be 1st/2nd week of Sept and will be fitted as soon as it arrives.

Dyno'd at 380bhp at the wheels, approx 500bhp at the fly @ 1.3 bar

I have the original Japanese advert/flyer thing from Global Auto, the UK V5, all the servicing documentation & receipts, dyno sheet etc. from the previous owner, plus all of mine. I have a big thick folder at home with it all in, which will be passed to the new owner. It was serviced last month, which included all belts (minus cambelt), all fluids (inc gearbox, transfer boxes), all filters etc.. I was advised one of the bushes is looking a little worn and will need replacing at the next service, as will the plugs probably. Everything else was in excellent condition. I've got datalogit logs of hard pulls (and am happy to share to prospective purchasers) and there's no signs of knock or anything untoward from the engine - pressure is about 5-6 on startup and sits happily around 3-4 when cruising and warm. Note that there's plenty of cooling built into this car, even after a hard drive I've not seen the oil temp above 100'C, and it comes back down to about 75ish very quickly.

The car is generally in stunning condition. Interior seats are unworn, going some way to proving it's low mileage/usage. Spotless engine bay (some bits are quite well polished too, I get a bit carried away..), no suspension turret rust, in fact even after removing quite a lot of the interior and swapping the suspension I've been unable to find any rust anywhere - EXCEPT for the weird stuff just by the bonnet hinges. By all accounts this isn't structural and is very common, and for the right buyer I can get it sorted before collection. To give you an idea of the level of attention to detail, rather than just convert the speedo from kmh to mph with an electrical converter box, I sent the whole pod away and had a new custom laser cut face made up to show both mph and kmh, with matching colours to the rest. You'd never know it wasn't from the factory.

However, it's a 14 year old car and are a few things to be aware of:
  • There are three very small holes in the dash where someone in Japan had a gauge of some description.
  • On the centre console, some of the matt finish has worn away and is now very shiny.
  • On the centre console, some of the matt finish has worn away and is now very shiny.
  • The paint on the "SKYLINE" bit on the rear of the car seems to be very thin. I'm not sure if this is common/normal or not.
  • The headlights are starting to yellow a little. A good polish brings them back, but it's not a permanent fix (is there one??)
  • There are a few very minor stonechips on the bonnet.
  • The front splitter is cracked and there's a few scuffs on the front and rear bumpers where others have been careless :mad: however when the new carbon splitter arrives and goes in to be fitted, these will be resprayed to restore it to perfection.

These are a couple of "arty" ones a photographer friend took recently. If people want specific shots, I'll take them and add them to the thread.

Overall this is an awesome car, I've been in and owned my fair share of performance vehicles and nothing comes close to this. I'm not going to sell for a rock bottom price - this is a very low mileage example in excellent condition and a fantastic state of tune. It stands me at nearly £20K and I'm neither desperate for the cash, nor do I want to see it go to someone who is going to turn up the boost and destroy the engine. The car is located on the Isle of Man.

As such, I'm asking for £15K, as described above, or if you want it right now (minus bumper respray, splitter etc.) it's yours for £14K.

If you have any questions or want more information (or if I've missed something!) please drop me a PM or reply and I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks for looking!

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This is one very very clean V-Spec GTR. It took me months to find it as it had to be immaculate in every way and when it came over it didn't dissapoint, exterior, interior and under the bonnet were like new.

It was a very sad day when I sold it to Kristan and watched it drive off round the corner but I knew it was going to a good home. Anyone who is after a GTR that is one of the best around then this is defo the one to have.:cool:

Good luck with the sale matey, what are you after next?

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Carbon splitter is on the Island so should get fitted this week, I'll get pictures as soon as it's done and valeted.

Thanks for the kind words Gav, not really sure if I want to sell but I just don't drive it enough. Maybe back to a scoob or an evo, or a good condition R32 maybe...

I'm open to suggestions and PX's if anyone has something to offer, let me know and I'll consider it! :)

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I am in the same boat matey. Now sure what to go for as I have just this minute sold my wide hawkeye scoob. Good luck with the sale bud, you don't need it as the first person to see will buy.;)

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Quick update - The car is still for sale, but I've not yet fitted the carbon splitter as I've had enquiries asking if I could leave off and the buyer will arrange fitting.

As I'm in no rush I'm happy to do this for the next few weeks (it'll take me that long to get around to booking it into the bodyshop!) so until then, offers around £14K will be considered.

With the Euro the way it is at the moment, this has got to be a steal, if you make me an offer I might even sell it :)

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After a change in personal circumstances, I think I'm now going to hang onto the car - so it's no longer for sale. I'll store it over the winter and get it out again when the dry roads return :)

Thanks to people who asked questions and made me offers. Mods can you remove/lock please?
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