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1991 r32 gtr

Here's my quick story. I've google around and searched but I cannot find a similar occurrence which may point out my selection of parts as a whole, caused the problem.

My rear brake lines are very tight and are looking to bust if I move the hubs. Currently, the car is on blocks as suspension is unloaded (dropped). As the suspension loads up wen dropping the car on wheels, the brake line starts to bend the hose at both ends to an unnatural bed radius and started to break the rubber sleeves near the fittings. The suspension arms are all adjust in all the way.

I'll post pics shortly.
My initial thought was that my Rotora brake kit had come with r34 hoses but their length is the same as r32 (26.5cm). Anyone have some insight or ideas? I have not searched for custom lines yet.

Mod list:

Driftworks adjustable suspension arms all around.
Driftworks bushes all around, including diff and main subframe bushes. All polyurethane.
The subframe has been spaced 4mm from the body which I believe is closer than it was with stock bushes.
Whiteline Lower shock bush, poly
Cusco sway bars
Jic magic coilovers with pillow ball uppers
Nissan Larger spline N1/r34 diff output flanges
OS giken rear differential
Rotora 4 piston rear brake kit and SS lines.
All parts are powder coated so maybe 1mm added length to the hub location.

One or all these mods increased my diff to hub ratio but I cannot find anything. And the brake lines appear to be stock length.

Thanks for your help.

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