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2 x Pirelli P Zero “C” 235 x 40 x 17
These are the all weather tyre Porsche competition tyre.
They cost £250-00 each new
Asking only £100 for the pair.

2 x Avon ZZR’s 255 x 40 x 17
One of the best road legal track tyre.
Very nearly new condition, cost £180-00 each new
Asking only £200 for the pair

R33 GT-R Carbon Bonnet (slight mark on front)

R33 GT-R Carbon Lip (for above)

R33 GT-R GRP Vented Bonnet

R33 GT-R AFM’s
£150 the Pair

Standard R33 GT-R Shocks
£200 the set of 4

Standard R33 GT-R Radiator

Standard R33 GT-R Cam’s and Timing Wheels

Cars to BMW M5 size
Battery Management System, Battery Backup. Powers two
fans to keep “bubble” inflated + provides constant air
flow around vehicle to prevent dust settlement and corrosion.
Costs £500 new. Asking £350-00

Standard R33 GT-R Gear Knob

Carbon Gear Knob

Standard R33 GT-R Horns

NISMO “on/off” Lighter

Standard R33 GT-R Lighter

Standard R34 GT-R Lighter
PCM Valve

Multi Purpose Audio Lead

Auto Car Magazines
A complete collection from 2nd July 2003 to this very week !!
Every week at £2-30 per issue, hence around £375-00 worth !!
All in very good condition, £120-00 ono

Car Alarm / Radar Detector
Bell 855sti Radar Detector – Boxed £50
JR Car Alarm JR HW2 – Boxed £50

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if the original gear knob is in good condition i'll take it. cheers, Ian

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isit the whole cig lighter (the bit thats in the dashboard)? Mine has stopped working. If its everything needed to replace the existing one ill have it.
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