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We now have our 'Sumo Power Hercules' 350Z for sale as it has completed its promotional tour. This car is very special. It started life as an imported Fairlady from Japan and was built in house at Sumo in 2004 after being commisioned by EA Games to build a real street racer. The car featured the very first HKS Supercharger kit outside of HKS as well as the new Do-Luck bodykit which was actually designed for this car ( and is now commercially available as a product ). During its life so far it has been on an extensive tour of Europe and has featured on front covers of various magazines all over Europe as well as countless features inside magazines. It was the promotional car for the Need For Speed 2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted games in 2004 and 2005. As well as this in 2005 it was famously driven and tested/owned for a time by JK of Jamiroquai ( you can see pictures of this below) and has now returned to the Sumo stable having done its job.

We have a full history of promotion with the car as well as many pictures of all the things it has done so far which make a really nice keep-sake for someone.

The car had done 5000kms when we got it and has since done only 1000 miles in its modified state, most of which have been done taking the car to shows or doing photoshoots/demos with JK etc. As the clocks are Nismo, they currently show only the 1000 miles since the conversion.

The car is mint condition and like new. it still has some stickers on at this time but can come without them so I have shown some pix with no stickers for you to see.

The basic spec list is as follows ( engine power is 365bhp at the crank-dynod)

Sumo Pearl Purple Paint ( Special )
Do-Luck Front Bumper ( With Undertray )
Do-Luck Rear Bumper with Carbon Fibre Lower Lip
Do-Luck Side Skirts
Do-Luck Carbon Fibre Rear Wing and Stays
Do-Luck Carbon Fibre Lift-Up Bonnet
Do-Luck Double Six Wheels
HKS Supercharger kit ( Intercooled and oil cooled, additional fuel injectors etc )
HKS Hipermax II Suspension kit
HKS Carbon Fibre Engine cover ( Supercharger version )
HKS Titanium Tip Stainless Exhaust System ( Dual outlet )
HKS D1 Oil Cap
HKS D1 Radiator Cap
HKS White Chrono Meters and control box ( Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp )
Nismo 300Km complete speedo and rev counter cluster units
AAR Racing Seats and seat mounts ( Paris Dakar Wide Type )
Teamtech Racing Harnesses and eye bolt
Kenwood CD Stereo Unit
Stock Strut Brace Chromed by London Chroming Co Ltd
Alcon 6 Pot brake kit with 355mm grooved discs
Pagid 421 Brake Pads
Custom Goodridge Brake Lines
Greddy Oil Filter Sandwich Plate
ARC Titanium Radiator Cooling Panel
Sumo Power One off Nissan Badges ( EA Design
Castrol Oil 10/40
Castrol Brake Fluid - RBF600
Castrol Coolant
Samco Radiator Hoses
Toyo Proxes T1R Tyres

The car cost over £60000.00 to develop and build in 2004 as many parts we pre-production.

Some pictures of the car ( we have lots more for seriously interested parties):

Without stickers - front

Without Stickers - Rear

Some of the JK pictures in full-flow promotion:

Price is POA, please email for info, serious enquiries only please, email to: andy @ sumopower . com

The car is road legal and registered, it has a new 1 yr MOT and Tax, both done only last week.


Andy Barnes
Sumo Power Ltd
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