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Sunday 10th May 2009 Millbrook GTROC/CAT Group Performance Driver "Track" Day

Sunday 10th May 2009
We are pleased to announce that building on the success of the previous CAT Driver Training events the GTROC and CAT Driver Training has jointly developed the official:

GTROC Driver Development Programme for 2009.
Catering for all Skyline and GTR enthusiasts and discounted for GTROC members the training programme centres around the unique facilities available at the Millbrook Proving Ground which include the awe inspiring High Speed Bowl and the famous Alpine Handling Circuit. Millbrook is also the latest venue for the TV Program "Fifth Gear" and a live proving ground for the motor industry. There is no access to the general public or unauthorised photography allowed without prior arrangement. Exclusive GTROC/CAT car stickers and a signed training logbook will be provided to course attendees.

“Having experienced a one hour demo with CAT Driver Training Instructor Colin Hoad I can tell you this is seriously exciting training on arguably the best facilities in the country. It will massively increase your confidence, car control and awareness skills” Blue34)

A key feature of the 2009 Driver Development Programme are three GTROC group events which form a progressive path building on the knowledge and technique learned at each stage. These group days are in addition to the 1 on 1 driver training programmes also offered by CAT.

The first of the group events and:

Day 1 of the GTROC Driver Development Programme.

Is a group day planned for 10th May 2009 and is the:

GTROC / CAT Performance Driver "Track" Day

The discounted price for GTROC Members is £355 per person and for non-Members £375 per person. Full payment is to be made directly to CAT - office telephone number 01234 757633 by Monday 6th April at the latest. It's worth noting that the discount on this one event represents almost 50% of the annual GTROC membership fee.

Full event details in CAT's own words:

The day is designed around a maximum group of 8 drivers. Arrival time will be 08:30 with finish time 17:30 hours.

Each course is offered on a first come, first served basis ... post your names here and then call Jo or Amanda at CAT on 01234 757633 to arrange payment and confirm your place.

Attendees ...

1. [email protected]
2. GTR Cook
3. GTR Cook +1

Reserves ...

1. Simply Mo

There have been four previous group Driver Training Events at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire hosted by our training provider – CAT Driver Training - and were hugely enjoyed by all that participated. Threads with Member feedback for these events are within the Members area.

Answers to some questions you may have:
Q. Is a crash helmet needed?
A. Helmets will be needed at times, but we have them for you to use, if you don't have your own.

Q. I read somewhere that there are no cameras allowed at Millbrook? Are in-car video cameras allowed?
A. Cameras - both static and in car cams are NOT allowed. Security will check over your car before allowing you to enter and if they find any equipment it will be removed, being returned on your departure. For photography to happen, a Minder from Millbrook has to be in attendance at extra cost by the hour. If we get the full 8 attendees then maybe CAT will look at covering this cost but we'd have to find a photographer which might also be an additional charge.

Q. How badly is this going to wreck my tyres? I'm still going through the "thinking of a trackday" thread, but I guess this is a bit different from a trackday so is there anything else I need to be aware of?
A. As to wrecking your tyres - this shouldn't happen at all. The surfaces at Millbrook are not abrasive (unlike airfields etc.) We ask that you arrive with a minimum of 3mm tyre tread depth only because performance starts to be lost after this, not because we plan on using up your rubber.

Q. Are we going to have good weather on the day???
I've looked in my crystal ball and sadly it's a bit fuzzy at the moment. I'll look again on the 9th May and let you know :chuckle:
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