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After the purchase of my Skyline I have'nt realy bothered with my sunny and have decided it's time to put a bit of effort into selling it(not too much though:D ). So I thought i'd stick a post up, not gonna bother sticking it in any mags just yet as hate tits coming round kicking tyres and wanting to just go for test drives:mad:

Here goes-

1990 Ivory Daker Pulsar, Purple/Blue flippy paint work (bit tatty), 72k miles, 12k by me in the last 2 and a half years, MOT but Tax just ran out.
It came with Nismo rollcage, Nismo front and rear strut braces, Nismo springs over GAB adjustable shocks, HKS BOV, Trust Induction and was sat on 15" SSR type X alloys. It now has 17" Speedline GT1'S in anthracite on (still got the 15's to sell with it thogh), AP ceremetalic paddle clutch, Front mounted Mocal oil cooler and Mongoose exhaust.
Ive also done some interior mods too including boxing out the rear (as you can't fit the rear seats in with the cage) and putting a 12" Rock and Foss sub with Phoenix gold 6 by 9's either side and 2 Alpine v12 amps behind the front seats. Up front I had some door pods custom made to fit Infinity kappa 3 ways, white dials, steering wheel etc.
I also had the car sound deadened and re carpeted in black and put bright blue padding on the rollcage.
I'm looking for offers around the 6k mark, got about 4 of my m8's interested but they keep messing me about trying to pay by installments etc.
My mobile no. is 07773376968 if anyones interested.


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