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Have a friend who has had a engine newly built.
Head work done and completly forged.

The engine has been sitting for a while.

Now that he is ready to install it, he thought, just to have a look at the internals with a camera.

He has noticed slight surface rust on two inlet valves;(6 & 5 cylinders)

Thinking back, he remembered that when he received the engine back, while he was installing some of the auxhillary bits, (air con, powersteering pump, etc etc)
A couple drops of water had made there way in to 6 & 5 cylinder via the injectors, as they were not installed at that moment

Not thinking much of it, he thought it would eveporate once he started the engine.

Because its been a while, slight surface rust has appeared.

He has sprayed some WD40 on the effected area and the rust seems to be dissolving.

He has said, he will repeat this procedure a few times until most of the rust has loosened.


Is he on safe ground in doing this, or has he got nothing to worry about.

As soon as he starts the engine, will the combustion in the cylinders totally disintigrate any surface rust that might be on the inside of the inlet valve.

Dont really want to take the head off to clean two valves..... advice please.

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