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i have a few questions about the skylines suspension and steering which im hoping you guys might be able to help with.

firstly does anyone have any spring and damper rates for the skyline? and are the damper two way. if so do you know how much the rebound rate is?

also how much lock do the rear wheels have when the rear wheel steering is in use?

what is the toe out on the skylines set as?

and finally could anyone give me a little report on how the r34 feels to drive? ie does it understeer, oversteer or is it pretty neutral?

any feedback will be gratefully received.



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Here is some R34 V-spec specs:

Front - shoks: B:267 R:110 / springs: 4.0 km/mm / stabilizer: 22.2mm
Rear - shoks: B:125 R:77 / springs : 5.0 kg/mm / stabilizer: 24.2mm

The rear steer system, HICAS, does not steer the wheels more than 2-3deg when "lock" is not the correct term to use here!

GTRs do not have positive toe!! Here is what an R34 toe in is set at:
Front: in2~0mm
Rear: in4~0mm

All numbers taken from GTR Magazine.

If you want to know what GTRs are all about I suggest you have a read through all the post on this thread....well worth the read!

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