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WE believe our cooling products to be some of the very best. These are all made in England, unlike some of the recent cheap so called gtr taxless versions bank swap copies made overseas.

The Marston Intercoolers are manufactured in a different way to standard tube and fin intercooler’s, there is no tube extrusion to the header plate of the intercooler which removes back pressure from this area. The fin is designed with a very special louvering system which requires some manual manipulation in manufacturing, this then allows for a matching of external and internal fin in volume so you will dissipate a much greater amount of heat in to the same air flow, this type of Louvre also allows us to use a very dense fin pack but still allow high amounts of airflow through the core from front to back. The flat strip which forms the duct for the air flow is of a much thinner design to standard coolers and also allows for a much greater heat dissipation between strip and fin (both external and internal fin). When the intercooler is fully fabricated it does not go through a standard brazing system, it uses a process of magnesium injection which gives a much lighter and yet stronger seal between strip and fin. The intercooler core supplied by Marstons is unlike any other supplied anywhere in the world especially when you consider that Secan are no longer supplying bespoke cores.
Marston supplies-
Koenigsegg Automotive
Jankel Armoury (suppliers to English MOD, Saudi MOD, Kuwait MOD and European armed forces MOD in hot climate conditions).
SAIC (Purchases of the MG brand)
Bergstrom Europe (suppliers to Lotus)
Enhanced Protection Systems (suppliers of specialist operational vehicles to SAS UK)

All Aluminium tanks that are fitted are made from High quality aircraft grade LM6 Aluminium.
Intercooler specification
Type – Bar & Plate
80 mm Aluminium & silicone pipe work from intercooler to throttle bodies
Aluminium ducting to suit

SVM Tranny Cooler

Gearbox oil cooler kit rad/fan assisted heat proof braided lines pump driven
Gearbox cooler overide switch, can be switched as and when you like…earthed, the light is on when the pump is off and visa versa. automatically starts the oil cooler fan and pump at 100c and will cut out at 85c.
Transmission oil cooler
VA31 46A fan
Pipe work and fittings
Thermal switch
30A relay and socket
Mocal Oil pump
Oil pump Bracket.
This kit utilises all the air flow possible by fitting in the front spoiler and has back up for when the car is static of the supplied Spal fan. This kit keeps the transmission oil at a consistently stable temperature of below 100 degrees. This kit uses a high flow Mocal pump which delivers perfect flow rates for the high internal/external fin oil core used.

contact us for pricing

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