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Hello everyone! :wavey:

Through the link below you can sign up for our weekly newsletter! Here at SVM we like to communicate about what's going on to all the R35 & SVM enthusiasts out there!

We communicate all of our offers & some exclusive deals via e-mail. From upgrade packages with big power, servicing, interior work, body work, painting & anything GTR! We have a huge variety of work we can do to improve & maintain your R35

We are constantly working on many different cars, all for different reasons! From projects that have our technicians working in India, to the Qashqai-R project, racing news & more. There is plenty going on here at SVM, why not see more?

know when we are racing & competing! During the season here in the UK we are often found on a drag strip during a weekend either breaking, or holding world records for the R35 GTR!

Take it easy, have a great day wherever you are
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