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Cobb Protection..From SVM

Hi Guys,

We are very pleased to announce, all performance packages
Now offered by SVM on the Cobb AP will have additional added protection.

This great news has been given to me :) by COBB H.Q

Two new main features working independent

1- Fuel pressure
2- Extra safety features

Fuel pressure:
Will have the following parameters our tech guy's can utilise and adjust

Pre Throttle MAP sensor to use as fuel pressure input (Left or Right)
Fuel Pressure Scaler(range is X4 that of the map sensor allowing 10bar)
Fuel Pressure Offset
Set min fuel Pressure vs Boost (Map) threshold for safety when Req

These set values will help on associated fuel failures out side normal control
and allow the ECU to shut down if required.

Extra Safety:

In addition we will be able to incorporate the following perimeters to adjust
On all Cobb SVM Tunes :) for all customers :bowdown1:

Max Coolant Temp vs load, very useful imo No heavy loads until the required temp has been reached :)

Max knock sums vs boost

Max Oil temp vs load

Max STFT vs load

Also Min RPM Threshold to enable Safety acivation

Max Acceleration Pedal Vs RPM (again used if safety conditions have been met)

These updates I hope you agree are a step forward for piece on mind performance driving

SVM will offer advice , If you want certain safety and you do not have fuel pressure sensor fitted we can enable the appropriate additions, or add fuel pressure sensor and have the all singing dancing set up for full functionality.

Cobb and SVM will be adding two new perimeters to Log
these will be easily done from your handy AP (either V2 or the new V3 ) Still on Offer !!

I can see from this if one of the pre throttle Map sensors is used for Fuel pressure The map voltage is duplicated across both banks as far as the ECU is concerned, this will eliminate any drive ability issues and we wont have to duplicate any DTC's :)

Cobb Will also Release to us (Next 7 days fingers crossed)
New traction control

IF these guys control the World's fastest GT-R I cant wait to see this update arrive :) More tech news will follow:bowdown1:

SVM are proud we are getting this support, we can translate to customers old and new :)

Guys added to all the Tech data control will be Our new SVM No Quibble warranty
A New thread with all the details will be posted very soon
I can say it will give you the very best piece of mind with the Power SVM is renown for :)

To take advantage:bowdown1: New maps will be available as from next week (small charge)
Warranties are available at SVM on all our work with immediate effect
please phone for terms and conditions.

Take care Guys Get Moving and Get protected :)


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ooo... looks good! nice work boys!

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Great news for the cobb tuned folks! nice work cobb/svm

looking forward to the warranty prospects as well! Interesting!
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