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Finally got my GTR back Thursday night from SVM having had the stage one cobb upgrade, seems the cobb map ran a little lumpy so Amar kindly did a custom map FOC to ensure i got the best from the upgrade.

I was surprised at the difference - speed was one thing but the car is a lot more louder with just a YPipe. Found a private stretch of long road to test out the launch control - Temps were all good, placed the car in RRR mode, Revs to 4'500 and released the brake, but for some reason the Traction control kicked in and prevented a launch - tried a couple of times, but got the same result, so i may need to lower the RPM...

Boost is now adjustable on the steering column, 3 settings with max being 1.3 bar 17.5psi - what an amazing sensation ! - God knows how you control cars with 2 bar let alone 2.5bar..

LC5 - much much improved far more smoother - i no longer kangaroo out my drive on a cold morning :) - well worth the upgrade for those considering.

A big thanks to the SVM crew for carrying out the upgrade and cleaning my car upon its return ! :)
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