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Hello everyone, this beauty rolled into our garage having never actually been seen by the owner in the flesh, and has only been "run in" with around 1000 miles on the clock. It has had one of our more popular builds, the 650-R conversion along side 3 mechanical cir clips installed on the gear box.

The Conversion Specification:
  • AP Cobb Nis 06
  • SVM 76mm Stainless Turbo Downpipes (with Heat Protection for added safety)
  • 1050cc Asnu Motorsport Injectors
  • SVM 80mm MAF Intake Pipes with MAF Housings
  • Hi-Flow K&N Air Filters
  • SVM 90mm or 102mm Stainless Steel T304 Y-Pipe
  • SVM 90mm or 102mm Stainless Steel T304 Full Exhaust System
  • Boost Control maps operated via Steering Wheel
  • Bespoke Ignition and Fuel Maps
  • Launch Control Map Included
  • Full Safety Check & Report

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