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For those of you out there upgrading your Skyline it can be a mine-field.This Forum is perfect for us to discuss our various problems and share our various levels of knowledge in Skyline tuning.I think we would all agree that we all have learnt a thing or two over the last few years,however,I wish to share with you my secret weapon,SVS.Let me explain. are an excellent & friendly Company.Tim can get you almost any part you desire for your Skyline,he has a wealth of knowledge and is happy and enthusiastic to help.This service is avaliable to all of us,so basically if you want it,phone and Tim will get it.

SVS are the UK importers for Trust,Greddy,Grex,Cusco,Alcon,Nismo,ARC and Top Secret.All the top UK Skyline specialist garages use SVS.All the big T78 single turbo kits used by Abbey Motorsport have come through Tim.

The all new T517Z turbines used on my R33 are avaliable for £2250+vat and come with actuators already fitted at no extra cost.:)

Thanks SVS:) Phone Tim or Fiona on 01483 285657.

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