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After not much luck finding a place to change the colour of my alloys to satin black, I thought I'd see if anyone fancied a swap with mine.

I can do this with my tyres are part of the deal or tyres can be transfered and make it a wheel swap only.

My alloys are Rota Grid drift, 18x10" with Toyo proxy R888 285/30/18 tyres.
They are in very good condition and clean up very nicely.

I'm looking for 18" black alloys, preferably matt black or satin black (not gloss) and any style will be considered.
I'm looking for a 10" or 9.5" width on the wheel and a low offset like an ET12-15, but will consider ET20 on a 10" possibly.

My wheels (from various different angles):

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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