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hi, got a set of 4 r33 nissan gtr wheels great condition 17x9, would like to swap for some other wheels for a change. 4 tyres 245/45/zr17 bridgestones, 2 tyres need replacing soon and 2 are ok.

im open to almost anything, if you bought your car with wheels you dont like [eg advan 3 spokes] i would be interested. the only wheels i wont consider are bent/damaged wheels. all 4 wheels and tyres must be of the same size and correct offset as its going on my 32gtr.

open to any 17x9 or 17x9.5 or 18x9 or 18x9.5. would prefer 18's as i want an endless big brake kit

looking for striaght swap in person so we can inspect each others wheels, i am near tunbridge wells.
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