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Japan's largest car seat belt manufacture, TAKATA, has the experience and technology needed to produce Formula 1 quality safety harnesses.

When the first Japan Grand Prix was run at the Suzuka Circuit in 1963, only half of the race cars were equipped with seatbelts, and it was commonplace to see ambulances racing to crash scenes. In 1964, Takata developed Japan’s first 5-point full-harness seatbelt; the Subaru 360 that competed in the 1964 Japan Grand Prix was equipped with a complete Takata safety harness.

In 1998, Takata developed the Multi-Point Harness (MPH), a full harness for the DOME Co., Ltd., F1 race car. This harness was designed not only to help ensure the driver’s safety, but also to minimize the burden on the wearer. In addition to being used on the TAKATA sponsored TAKATA DOME NSX, it was also adopted for use by other GT cars, CART, FN and F3 formula race cars. For drivers who wanted both safety and a winning edge, there was simply nothing better.

This true competition racing harness will not only an eye of any by-stander with its trademark green color, but also protect and secure a driver in his seat even under the most extreme conditions. Many Japanese professional racecar drivers rely on TAKATA 340MPH racing harnesses in pursue of their victories.

- Genuine racing equipment as seen on the TAKATA NSX Japan GT race car
- Recognized as official racing safety equipment by the FIA (international racing officiating body)
- Standard 4 eyebolt attachment
- Race proven race strength nylon straps
- New lever release circular buckle, thin, light and high strength allows for easy engagement/release

Latest designs just released

- 4 Point Professional Harness
- Color: Green
- 4x Small Head, Short Eye Bolt Included, 20mm

- 4 Point Professional Harness for 2 Seater
- Color: Green
- 4x Small Head, Short Eye Bolt Included, 20mm

Priced at £295 per harness.
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