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Again, not mine but those specs and that interieur made me share:

Engine and transmission:


Turbo upgrade (WR35TT )
Front Mount Transmission Oil Cooler (WR35TC)
Rear Diff Cooler (WR35DC)
Front Diff Cooler (WR35DC-F)
High Volume Oil pan (WR35OP)
Trans fluid (WR35TM)
Diff Fluid (WR35DF)
Motor Oil (WR35MO)
Gearbox seals (WR35GS)
Mid Pipe (WR35MP)
Composite Clutch Pack (WR35CP)
Gear fasteners (WR35CC)
Piston seal replacement (WR35PS)
Clutch retaining clips (WR35CCL)


PPG 1st gear set
HKS Super Sequential BOV Kit
HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller
HKS A/F Knock AMP Sensor
HKS super fire spark plugs
Cobb AccessPORT with custom tune
5Zigen downpipes
5Zigen Spec tune exhaust
AAM engine oil cooler with custom fabricated lines
AAM wastgate actuators
Duetschworks 800cc Fuel injectors
MCR/ARC twin intercooler kit
K&N Filters
Nissan Spec V radiator coolant reservoir and fittings


Password JDM:
RAM air induction snorkels
NACA ducts
Radiator cooling panel
Intake Manifold
Boot lid
Rear diffuser blades
Rear speaker shelf
Elevated rear spoiler
Door sill covers
Engine compartment covers
Rear seat deletes

Front lip
Side skirts

Carbon fiber mirror set (on order)


MCR paddle shifter
Sparco Steering wheel
Works Bell Rapfix II quick release steering hub and flipper
Tecnocraft T1 seats
Custom fabricated Roll Cage (to be installed 1st qtr 10)

Wheels, suspension and brakes:

Volk TE37 G2 wheel
Eibach springs
Cobb Tuning Anti-Sway bar kit
AP Racing J Hook Rotors Front
AP Racing J Hook Rotors Rear
Stillen / Penske 2 way adjustable coilovers (on order)
Stillen / AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Matrix Rotors and active cooling kit (On order)
Stillen stainless steel brake lines
Endless Brake pads

Some info re the increase in power (at a conservative 17psi) over a GTR with midpipe and Cobb tune:

Enjoy the pics:

I'll post up some more pics once the carbon ceramic brakes, new suspension and roll cage are installed.

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Surfing through the site and thought "That car looks familiar...." :)

The wheel is a Sparco "ring" in the optional suede finish, the paddles are connected to a works bell quick release with optional flipper so they are not part of the steering wheel.

The rear seats have been removed along with all seat belts etc and replaced with carbon fibre deletes. Once the cage goes in there won't be any access to the back of the vehicle.


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