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Hi all have two sets of TEIN Pillow ball Tension Rods for sale one set is new/300miles old I had to buy a new set due to a accident which bent the drives side tension rod swapped it over with the new one but didn’t change the other side coz I am lazy :p so the passenger side is 100% brand new never been fitted and the driver’s side has done about 300miles
(It’s off a r32 gtr but not sure if it will fit the 33's or 34's)

Looking for £100 collected or £110 delivered

second set is the old one's I had on the car the passenger side one is fine but the Drives side one is bent I am not sure if it can be repaired but must be of some use to someone and will come free with the passenger side Tension rod

Looking for £50ono collected or £60 delivered

Here some info on the Tension Rods:

TEIN Pillowball Tension Rods are designed to replace the OEM bushing type rods. The pillowball type ends help to improve both vehicle acceleration and deceleration by limiting the movement (deflection under load) of the lower arms. Also increases steering response and reduces roll at corners. The Carbon Steel tension rod includes an adjustable turnbuckle, which allows for adjustment of caster angle for more precise wheel alignment.

* Rod End & Pillow Boots
By adopting NMB's 3 piece rod end - HRT16E -, we have achieved outstanding endurance for the products. We have added protective boots for better weather resistance with the safety regulations.
* Tension Rod
Machine structured carbon steel - S45C - has been adopted for the material.
* Serration Bolt
High tension material SCM435 has been used for the bolt. As it is already pressed in the rod, installation time has been reduced.
* Pillow Collar
Machine structured carbon steel - S45C - has been adopted for the material with high anti - corrode nickel - plated.
* Lock Nut
There is 10mm adjustment width on the lock nut. The original setting is at the center, so adjustment can be made on the range of +/- 5mm (+/- 15mm for those with turn buckle).

Additional Features:

* Machine Structured Carbon Steel S45C Rod
* NWB 3–piece rod end – HRT16E
* NWB Pillowball with complete rubber cover
* Serration bolt is pressed into the rod and constructed of High Tension SCM435 material
* Turnbuckle End for ease of adjustment
* Green Powder Coating


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still for sale guys! also i have other parts for sale PM me and i might have it thanks

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