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R34 GTT Tein SUper Street

The link below on the Tein website suggests that the factory drop is 45mm at the front - 35mm at the rear. The spring rates are 5kg/mm at the front and 4kg/mm at the rear. (then car model, nissan ,then superstreet (M) - theres a littel "D" icon at the far right - click that)

Im considering swapping the HKS Hipermax that my ER34 came with to the SuperStreets too on the advice of my garage - the "hipermax" shocks are hiperACTIVE if you ask me - completely uncontrollable on the bumpy roads near me. And thats with the damping backed off a fair bit too.

Can you let me know how you get on? Im hoping they are stiffer than std shocks but a fair bit more compliant than the HKS's - but dont really want to spend just over £1200 for shocks and fitting if they are still quite harsh.

Honestly - I get the feeling that alot of people must be spending a fortune ruining their road going skylines by putting rock hard suspension on them thats only good for a racetrack...

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