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Just wanted to say thanks to Garth for mapping my car again today and also to Mark for helping to steady my nerves everytime the engine revs climbed to dizzy heights!

I went back to MGT, because I was pleased with the service last time and I am so glad that I did, as once again there was an issue with overboosting, which turned out to be as a result of a boost pipe melting and also a misfire issue, which turned out to be as a result of a small strand of wire sticking out of my new Magnacore HT leads, arching out on the head.

Garth worked tirelessly to resolve the issues and I have no doubt that had I taken it elsewhere, I would have received a phone call after a few hours informing me that the dyno session had to be aborted, as my new wastegate is faulty and my new coils are crap.

Can't recommend MGT enough, thanks again. :thumbsup:
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