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I'd just like to thank every one who helped me with me wheel fitment problems, its all sorted now!!! yay!

I have ordered my self a set of antera 323 wheels, which look very much like blitz alloys but only half the price........

I sourced them from a place in ireland and saved my self £200 on the prices quoted round here......

Who's a clever dick!!!!!!

By the way i would just like to answer the question on which is the best skyline colour!!! i love em all!!!!!!! =) .... but as mine is the white'st white you have ever seen its a sunglass'es job when its all clean and sorted!!!

Getting back to the wheels i wouldnt recomend Demon Tweeks to any one as they had me in there for 3 hours the other day and then told me that the only place to get alloys for my car is japan...... a total load of [email protected]!!!! in my book they are rank amateurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must be going now as the one finger i use to type is getting tired!!! must learn how to type and use this computer stuff properly!!!!!

thanks once again fellas, (must go and see if my wheels have arrived yet)!! sorry to rub it in! by the way no copying you fellow GTS owners!!! hahaha =)


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